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Heather Jane Smith

For the love of all things beautiful, bespoke, original and uniquely handmade. From the heart of an artist. 

Heather Jane Smith (HJS) Porcelain is a South African brand of incredibly unique earrings designed from porcelain. Unlike traditional trending porcelain jewelry, HJS are in love with a matte finish, which is almost suede-like. Using a technique called Scriffito, they carefully carve the designs onto the bone dry pieces of porcelain. This delicate process takes time and requires a gentle touch.

Founder and designer Heather Jane is also very passionate about job creation saying, “We help disadvantaged women from all walks of life to earn an income by putting their creativity to work.”

Each and every earring is made and painted by hand and no two are ever alike. Heathers’ earrings are edgy classy and dainty with an eclectic feel. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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